11 of the Best Places to Snorkel in the World

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Are you tired of the daily grind and daydreaming of a warm, tropical vacation?

There’s nothing more relaxing than a day at the beach, but have you ever considered snorkeling on your next vacation? If you already love the sand and the sea, why not head to a top snorkel destination to add some adventure to your next holiday?

Snorkeling lets you experience the diversity and beauty of the underwater world, without the need for a scuba certification.

As long as you can swim, you’re ready to snorkel! Tropical fish, marine life, and rare coral formations await.

Read on to learn the best places to snorkel in the world and get ready to head to the water!

1. Great Barrier Reef

Some of the best snorkeling in the world is found in Australia’s iconic Great Barrier Reef. The largest living reef system in the world is found in the state of Queensland and is easily accessed on day trips from Cairns, Port Douglas, Townsville, or the Whitsundays.

Snorkel on the reef to experience this natural wonder for yourself, enjoying everything from tropical fish, sea turtles, and clownfish, the real-life Finding Nemo.

2. Isla Holbox

Isla Holbox, a stunning and natural island off Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, is a popular destination for snorkeling with whale sharks.

These gentle giants are one of the largest creatures in the world and are completely safe to be around.

They migrate through the waters of Isla Holbox in the summer months, from around June to September, to plan your trip at that time to experience these majestic animals in the wild.

3. The Similan Islands

The Similan Islands, found off the southern coast of Thailand, offer some of the best snorkeling in Southeast Asia, if not the world.

You’ll find some of the clearest water in the world, and the entire area is a protected marine reserve.

Jump in and experience sea turtles, parrotfish, angelfish, and a huge range of other colorful marine life.

4. The Red Sea

If you’re ever in Egypt, don’t miss the change to snorkel in the famous Red Sea. Destinations such as Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada offer beautiful snorkeling in bays and flat, calm waters.

You can see fantastic coral reef formations and a huge diversity of fish and marine life.

5. Ko Olina

If you’re heading to Oahu, one of the Hawaiian islands, head to Ko Olina for some of the best snorkeling.

Ko Olina is home to several peaceful lagoons, offering easy access to the water for beautiful snorkeling, straight from the beach. This makes it great for families as well.

The crystal-clear, warm waters are home to sea turtles, urchin and corals, tang, wrasse, and even the Hawaiian state fish— the reef triggerfish.

Check out this snorkeling company for your Oahu snorkeling adventure.

6. Belize

The central American country of Belize is rich in biodiversity on land and in water. This makes it one of the best places to snorkel and is a hugely popular destination for diving and snorkeling.

It is most famous for the Blue Hole, an underwater cavern, home to mysterious deep water and many stalagmites and stalactites. It’s an incredible and unusual site to see.

You can also snorkel along the Belize Barrier Reef, Ambergris Caye, and Mexico Rocks, to name a few.

7. The Gili Islands

If you’re lucky enough to ever be in Bali, take a boat out to the Gili Islands. These tiny islands are car-free, and can easily be walked around on foot. They are a true tropical paradise and one of the top destinations for snorkeling.

The best way to snorkel is via a boat tour that will take you around for a day, stopping at all the top snorkeling spots, including a fantastic underwater sculpture. The warm and relaxing waters of the Gili Islands are home to many turtles.

In fact, the marine life is so plentiful that it may feel like you jumped into an aquarium

8. Fiji

If you’re looking for a true snorkeling paradise, you can’t go wrong with Fiji. This tropical island nation in the South Pacific attracts snorkelers from all over the world for its stunning waters.

whether you stay on the mainland and snorkel around the Coral Coast or take a speed boat out to the Yasawa Islands, you’ll discover amazing underwater views and welcoming and rich culture.

If you’re there at the right time of year, you can even snorkel it with giant Manta rays, nearly as long as your car!

Snorkeling is easy to learn, so why not head to Fiji and give it a try.

9. Bora Bora

Famous for some of the clearest water in the world and the gorgeous overwater bungalows, Bora Bora is a dream come true for many people. Head to French Polynesia where you can find snorkeling just steps from your bungalow.

Reef sharks, colorful tropical, and the experience of a lifetime await.

10. Key West

Some of the best snorkeling in the USA can be found in Key West, on the southern tip of Florida. Road trip down to the Keys to put your feet up and relax and enjoy a few days of relaxation, but also beautiful waters.

Why not head out on a catamaran for the day, visiting the area’s top snorkel spots. The local waters are also teeming with dolphins, so you’re likely to see a few as well.

11. Croatia

If you’re heading to Europe, some of the best snorkel spots can be found in the turquoise waters of Croatia.

Brijuni National Park is a great spot to visit, as are the Pakleni Islands, just a short boat ride from Hvar.

In addition to fish and coral., there are underwater caves and submerged ruins to be discovered, offering unique and exciting underwater adventures.

Plan Your Trip to the Best Places to Snorkel in the World

Ready to dive in for the best vacation ever? Now that you know the best places to snorkel in the world, dust off your flippers and book the trip of a lifetime.

Snorkeling is a fantastic and fun sport that gives you a peek into our underwater world, and memories of your snorkel trip will stay with you and your family for years to come.

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