The Best Retail Marketing Strategies To Attract New Customers

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Attracting new customers is a guaranteed way of increasing your business revenues. Based on the products and its properties some people find it very hard to attract new customers however the business who are unable to attract new customers shouldn’t worry as there are a lot of amazing marketing strategies that they can use in order to attract new customers to their businesses.

First Strategy: Business Assets

The first and foremost thing that you should upgrade in your business in order to attract new customers is the set of assets the company possesses.

Introduce Amazing Merch

Merchandise is a very effective way to market your product.   You should analyze the demands for your merchandise and should never let that respective merch item out of stock.  You should always have the best merchandise on a more visible display as compared to other items. Lake front property represents the area in your store that generates the largest revenue for the business. You should first analyze the buying patterns of your customers and then set the lake front property for your store. It is preferred to set the right side of the entrance of the retail store as your lake front property as that is the area that catches the first eye of most of the visitors.

Window Displays and Curbside Advertisements

The products you set up on the window display of your store should be unique and attractive. They should be more than just a few products in the window. They should tell a story to the people who view it. It should be unique enough to attract the onlookers into your retail store. Window displays are one of the most traditional retail marketing strategy that is still prevalent in the current times.  It is ideal to keep changing and updating your display according to new seasons and trends in the market. Having curbside advertisements can effectively boost the marketing of your brand. A board with some appealing text is all it takes to turn potential customers in to actual customers.

Human Resource

The most important resource or asset of any company is their human resource.  Gone are the days of when companies focused more on ‘Happy Customers’. Businesses have now realized that in order to get more revenues, happy employees are more important than happy customers. You should regularly train your employees for updated trends and products in the market. It is also crucial to keep your employees happy and satisfied throughout their tenure. Provide them with health and other benefits to keep them happy. Satisfied employees will work better and more effectively as compared to stressed out, unhappy employees.

Social Media

In the current times, social media marketing has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years. For businesses, especially retail businesses Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram act as the most effective online marketing platform.

Facebook is a very business friendly platform. There are certain tools and ideas that you can use in order to market your retail business online. You can create your business page or group on facebook. Facebook not only helps you in marketing your product but it can also help in connecting you with your client base. Facebook ad manager lets you create and publish ads on both facebook and instagram. The facebook ads feature is one of the best marketing tools that retail marketers can use in order to improve their revenues and customer base.

Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active users. Marketing your retail business on instagram means that you are promoting your product to a billion potential customers. Instagram should be a must have tool for your retail marketing strategy.  If you have any idea of a new fashion that you want to introduce in your retail store then you can always market it through instagram stories. Instagram stories vanish after 24 hours and are great for grabbing attention of potential customers. You can however also set permanent stories for your best products so that they can always appear on your profile. One of the most important aspects of Instagram is Hashtagging. You can hashtag words that are relevant to your business. You can also check your competitors and see which hash tags work for them. Research and find the best hashtags for your business.

The third most important online platform for retail marketers is Pinterest. If you are a retailer who wants to use Pinterest in order to market your product then be sure to have a professional and visitor friendly profile. Pin the most appropriate things to your boards that can educate your customer and also promote your product at the same time. It should be kept in mind that marketing your retail business on Pinterest might get you actual results after a few months of initiating the marketing campaign.

Are Partnerships Important For Marketing

Partnering with other businesses can open a lot of opportunistic doors for you. It helps to spread brand awareness about your product to a vast number of potential customers. There are three types of partnerships that you can do if you are a retail store owner;

You can create a partnership with stores that are in the same location as your store.  You can provide exchangeable services to your clients that would help both you and your neighboring store. Other than this you can also create a partnership with stores in other markets that have the same client base as you. You can ask them to sell your coupons in their store.  You can also set up small stalls outside your partner’s store in order to get more exposure. Third and lastly partner with a charity to sponsor their events. Partnering with a charity can get your brand a lot of popularity. People are emotionally attached to charities are encourage and praise the companies that help charities perform better. It is one of the best type of marketing for all sorts of business.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is another important type of retail marketing strategy. You can the now traditional email marketing strategy in order to get more customers. You can classify your customer base in to people who are already your customers and potential buyers. Once you know your potential buyers you can send them an email with some alluring and eye catching content. It is of paramount importance to highlight your business values in your email. Your email marketing strategy should contain different types of content and should not be only about promotion and sales. You can also send other content through your email like if you own a gym you can send fitness content to your clients. It does not have to be a sales pitch, it just needs to be a piece of content that can resonate with your clientele.

Influencer Marketing

A lot of businesses already use this type of marketing. Imagine you run a retail store that sells sports items. If you hire a random model to act in the ad it would be that popular but if you hire Dwayne Johnson or Tom Brady to market your store it would get a lot of popularity and a guaranteed new customer base. Influencer marketing is very important and should always be a necessary part of your retail marketing strategy. You can also introduce products that are in some way connected to famous personalities. Influencer does not have to be a person or a famous celebrity. There are many SEO agencies in London that can help you perform influencer marketing. Influencers can be people, companies and all content creators who promote your product on their personal platforms.

Referral Campaign

As clear from the name this marketing strategy deals with the basic concept of word of mouth. If your customers are treated with an exceptional professionalism , they are bound to spread the word and refer your store to other customers. The referral campaign is not just about spreading the world , the customers who spread awareness about your brand actually get incentives if the people they refer buy something from your store. A lot of businesses have implemented this strategy in to their business. is one such example where you can get up to $100 for referring the site to your friends and family. When your friends or family make their first purchase you earn a percentage of the total amount of their earning as well.


There are many different marketing strategies out there that can be implemented according to the business type and needs of the retail store. It is crucial to know which strategy work best with your business would in the long run feel free to contact our UK’s best SEO Agency in London for better business growth.

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