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You can get applications for almost all purpose in Android as well as a huge collection of games. But, the major drawback of this open source platform is viruses are often introduced in the name of the application in android’s very own Google Play Store which users fail to identify and end up infecting their device. So, how to have safe downloads? The solution is 9Apps application store for Android.

Why 9Apps application store?

It provides you the opportunity to have unlimited safe downloads at absolutely free of cost. It is currently trending across the world with million user fan-base due to its highly reliable and secured downloading interface which Play Store fails to provide users.

You can find almost all existing Android applications here and the most premium ones as well for free which needs a paid download in Google Play Store. Not only apps, but 9apps also has a huge collection of interesting Android games from different genres, HD applications, Wallpapers, Videos, Pictures, apk file collections and lots more. It can be called as the traditional supermarket when you get everything to put in the cart and take away home.

Top features of 9Apps application store

Some of the top features that make 9Apps application store unique are:-

  1. Highly organized UI segregated into categories and sub-categories following a clean layout. Users can easily pick what they like and straightaway go for download.
  2. A reliable interface as all the applications, games and multimedia contents gets tested before getting published on 9Apps. No Interrupting ads and useless applications.
  3. 100% free download without spending a single amount in any of its contents like Apps, games, wallpapers, images and so on.
  4. High-speed downloads. The download speed gradually increases as you keep anything on ‘Download’ in 9Apps due to higher bandwidth.
  5. Amazing Compatibility with all platforms. The 9Apps application store runs smoothly on all platforms be it Android, Windows PC or Mac system.
  6. Personalized choices for users. The application apart from being an app store, helps users to record calls automatically, book cabs, provides price comparison models for products in different shopping sites, offers shopping rewards and cash backs, scans images into pdf documents, gives access to Indian railway time table and PNR status, etc.
  7. Very small in size. The application consumes only 3 to 4MB storage space and hence runs flawlessly on your android devices even with insufficient storage space issue.
  8. The largest collection of third-party apps. Many third-party Android apps are great but the Play Store does not feature them. In 9Apps, you can find all verified third-party applications for Android.

Quick steps to download 9Apps application for Android

9Apps needs to be downloaded by side loading as it is a third party app. You can find many download sources for 9Apps apk in Google.

  1. a) Click  to get the latest version of 9Apps application.
  2. b) To enable third-party installations in your android device, go to Settings, select Security and then ‘Unknown Sources’.
  3. c) Now, download the 9Apps apk file from the above link.
  4. d) After downloading, click on the set-up file and finish the installation process of the application.
  5. e) On successful installation, you will find the app with its official icon on your device home screen.
  6. f) Tap on the application to use it.

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