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Mankind has always been kind to every new technology innovation. Do you have a doubt? Yes, the new technology took some time to get used to people. But once they got the feel, any new technology invention got greeted with pomp and sheer. So, will we get down to business? You may have heard information about smart home, internet of things and many more new technologies. This article will serve as a technology guide for all our loyal customers interested in buying smart home gadgets and other devices.


Smart Home Gadgets 

To be honest, this new word is almost synonymous with the Internet of Things. In very short words, to be precise, IoT means interlinking of all smart home appliances to a common server. And yes, these appliances can listen to your voice, and perform many functions. Did we notice a surprised look on your face? Yes, IoT has revolutionized the way of living in homes. It has made many manual tasks go on the simple mode. And yes, the new technology has made the functioning of appliances more efficient.



Not every innovation is a success. The reason, budget of common people. If the new technology gadgets are too expensive, they will not get preference by customers. For example, you have invented the light bulb (a smart home gadget) which costs over Rs 45,000. It can light up the house for 45 days without a break. On the 46th day, you have to recharge. Now isn’t the amount too much for a middle-class individual? So, your new innovation will not get customers.


Consider another example. You have installed a smart air conditioner of Rs 30,000. AC has different modes of temperature. When you return from office, the appliance changes to the required temperature as per your preference.

Why Should You Opt For Smart Home Gadgets?

Did you get the idea? A smart home product can act in the way as per the need. You need to do the task manually. And the products can come in various designs to do many functions. For example, washing machine, refrigerator, microwave oven, geyser and more.

The other reason why people prefer smart home products is efficiency. The devices remain connected to one another. They can send as well as receive data. Every smart home appliance is designed with one special concept – save energy.

Just visualize. How will you feel, if, just with your voice, you can control every electronic appliance of the home with a mobile phone? The visuals are thrilling.


  1. Smart Home Gadgets – Lighting Solutions

You may have heard of smart home appliances such as the washing machine or fridge. But smart lights? The chances are very rare. Now since you are reading this article, the Internet of Things has made a grand entry even to lighting solutions. With a mobile app, you can control the lights from outside your home. The other options – you can schedule them or make them light automatically as someone enters the room.

Do you want to gain information on smart home gadgets – lighting solutions? Well, here they are.

  • Holi Sleep Companion
  • Flux Bluetooth Smart LED


Devices for Controlling Smart Home Gadgets

Imagine you have 15 smart electronic appliances in the home. Yes, they can act to your voice and do the tasks. But don’t you feel tiresome to log into an app, and then give the commands or send texts to the specific appliance? How about having a single device that can make the appliances do the jobs?

For example, you have the Logitech Harmony Home Hub. With this hub, you can control at least eight home automation devices (smart lights and more).

Amazon Echo – a godsend for homeowners. This device can control many devices ranging from heaters to lighting to switches.


  1. Smart Home Appliances

Imagine, you are a working professional in Bangalore. Your wife also goes to work. So, in the evening, both of you become tired after spending a hard day in the office. But you have many smart appliances which help at the nick of time.

For example, with the microwave oven, you can heat the food at a very short time. The other features include changing of modes, the temperature on your smartphone. The model, you can buy is LG Smart Thinq Oven.

Do you find challenges in cooking a recipe? Do not worry. IoT has come to your rescue. There are certain recipes where you need to check if the rice is boiled in an electric cooker or oven. In some models, you can set the timer as well as temperature and then opt for alerts. You will receive a text on your mobile after the process gets completed. For example – Cafe Series Ovens (from GE).


  1. Smart Home Gadgets – Sprinklers

Do you have a garden? Then how about using a water controlling spray for checking the flow of water? With home automation, it is possible to control the sprinklers. You can take part in the process by making use of an app. For example, The Blossom Smart Watering Controller.

  1. Smart Home Gadgets – Air conditioner

Then you have the smart air conditioners which change the temperature of the room as per your need. Do you live in an urban city? During the summer, you have hot weather. When you return home after work, the entire home will be hot. You will have to switch on the AC and then wait for some time to have the room come to normal temperature.


But you have Smart AC models such as Aros where you can switch on the AC before you enter a home. Or else, schedule the time the AC gets turned on. So, when you return home after work, the temperature will remain normal in your home.

Normal AC Models

Compare the above two paragraphs with the normal air conditioner. You may have to manually set the temperature every time. And in times of repair, if your AC does not have a warranty, searching for the right professional was a hard task. This was the situation ten years ago. Not any more. In recent times, getting a qualified handyman professional has become easy. In every urban Indian city, you can find home care companies. They have qualified handyman professionals to offer doorstep repair services.

Let us imagine the situation. You are in Pune, and your AC has gone on the repair. Now, the next step. Just check in your mobile for the app of the best home repair services Pune. Now, search for the profiles of the best technicians skilled in air conditioner repair in Pune. Place a request at the time specified by your family members. The concerned AC expert will come at the exact time and complete the job.

But consider the same condition with a smart AC model. Some AC models have a feature called predictive maintenance. Before the appliance goes on the path of malfunction, you will receive an alert in your mobile. You can then necessary steps to keep the AC in good condition.

Have you read the article ‘Smart Home Technology Guide?” Hope you liked the article. For your comments, there is the review section.

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