6 Free Business Requirements Document Templates for Microsoft Word

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If you are in an executive role, you may need to write business requirements. You should opt for a business requirement template if you want to create an impression and do it in double-quick time.

business requirements document (BRD) is an important document that gets a lot of attention. It holds the details necessary for projects of all types and needs specific information.

So rather than try to create this crucial document from scratch, use one of these helpful BRD templates for Microsoft Word.

Table-Structured Requirements Document Templates

For a clean, clear, and effective business requirements document, use one of these table-structured templates. This type of format makes the document simple to read and easy to create. In addition, it allows those viewing the document to be able to jump to certain sections faster.

Clicking on the links below will allow you to download and save the templates for free.

Template One

This first BRD template from Template Lab starts with two tables right after the title page; one for version history and the other for document approvals. This is handy because you can see if you have the most recent version and that’s it’s already been approved.

Additional tables in the template include project details, document resources, a glossary of terms, stakeholders, assumptions, and use case sections. You’ll also see a linked table of contents which makes jumping to the section you need a breeze.

The business requirements table offers reference columns for requirement type, ID number, use case, and comments along with the features and functions. All of this makes this template a terrific option.

Template Two

This next business requirements document template is very similar to the one above. But what it also offers is a template guideline to assist you with completing the document. Once you begin writing your document, just save a different version that includes the guidelines for future reference or simply remove them.


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