How Online Flight and Hotel Booking System is a Boon to The Travel Agencies

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The travel industry has come a long way and within a few decades, this particular industry has shown the world how technology can change the dimension of human lives. The industry came to the scenario first to cater to the needs of the millennial travelers and during the course of action, it has taken some landmark decision to standardize the services. To make it more comprehensible we can take an example- till a few decades ago, travelers had to visit or make a personal phone call to the travel agency to book a flight or sometime they book it directly through airline. This used to take a lot of time and personal visits ask for more efforts.

Standing in a queue is undoubtedly a tedious task to do. But with the implementation of technology, the travel industry has touched the milestone. Now, a traveler can easily log into a travel portal and receive the widest range of multifarious options on airlines and hotels. U can search for flights for your destination and a huge array of options will be pop up on your display and you can select and book the flight of your choice instantly. It requires only a few clicks, thus making it the most efficient and comfortable booking system.

The modern travelers prefer booking flight tickets and lodging facilities through online travel agencies instead of the airlines and hotels directly, as through their travel website, travelers can get the opportunity to check the current price rates of several airlines and hotels and get the process done at a very low price. Apart from that, travel agencies offer a lot of discounts on prices which is another benefit for the travelers.

It is not an easy task to cater to the needs of a huge population. But with the advent of technology and proper implementation of it empower the travel industry to bring the global travel inventories under one roof. OTAs are hiring this technology driven solution, so that they can aggregate global travel contents from the largest inventory of airlines and hotels and further distribute the real-time data to their clients. The modern travelers are taking advantage of the technology driven solution, where they can select their preferred destination, get the flight tickets and hotel rooms booked instantly at a comparatively low price. Apart from that, the OTA’s are the platform, through which the airlines, hotels, bus and other mode of transports are selling their products.

There are a lot of travel companies burgeoning at a lightning speed and within no time becomes the largest travel brand. Investing in travel business is undoubtedly beneficial only if you have a proper strategy to implement the latest technology. Your main focus should be to consolidate travel service and products from the travel service suppliers and this is possible only with API XML Integration. It helps you receive real-time data on the availability of flight, hotel room, price, discounts and other important information.

When you consider flight booking API integration, it empowers you with following features:

  • Airline hosting management
  • Reservation management
  • Booking engine
  • B2C- End User Reservation
  • B2B- Travel agent reservation
  • GDS Integration- Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre
  • For IATA and non IATA agents
  • E- ticketing
  • Third party insurance
  • XML out
  • Airline mobile booking app (both android and iOS)

Just like flight, an OTA must integrate hotel API into their system as it has its own share of contribution in the growth of your business. It facilitates you with the following features:

  • Flexible, scalable and easy to integrate and implement
  • Reliable and robust
  • Real time streaming of prices for your users
  • Decreased development costs and time
  • Custom designed solution which maximize efficiency.

While building a website, it’s better to check for a highly secured multi-layered payment gateway. The financial transactions among the parties- airlines, travel agents and end-customers, occurred through online payment and so it is very important to protect all the data from leaking. The reason behind the growing popularity of the OTAs is the platform it provides to the travelers. It is both efficient and convenient for the clients to use.

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