Huawei Fans are you ready? 1st major smartphone after being blacklisted!

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Ever since Huawei operations were banned in America, people were thinking what new step or plan the company will initiate. But Huawei did not step back and sit idle as the ban has though drastically affected the sales plus the number of consumers. However, it gives urge to newer possible opportunities.

Unfortunately, there is been a major downfall for Huawei to not able to have Government licence for Google operation system to collaborate with them. This has led to launch Huawei newest smart phones series after being ban in United States. The series might include new operational system too for testing.

Let’s go further into details…

Second biggest smart phone-ban extended till September 19th

The ban date has been extended, though the 90 days extension has already been completed. However, President Trump insisted to keep the extension date prolong for smaller businesses who are using Huawei equipment. This extension is to prevent US businesses to find alternative or substitute for themselves.

The goal of Trump is to not let Huawei to enter the US market for trading purpose. You may consider this as an opportunity for Huawei to exports more products and services in USA, however, the company suggest this hasn’t impact them from transforming Huawei into biggest smart phone provider.

It’s a Good News for Huawei users!! The confirmation date is announced, the new flagship smartphone, Mate 30 Pro is going to be massive, as the new operational system will also be added called HarmonyOS.

High End Pro model- releases on September 19??

Huawei is set to launch its first ever smart phone after the ban and the date is set to be release on 19 2019. The CEO has defined the latest version of Mate 30 series in the event Munich held in Germany. Huawei has been driving their promotional campaigns all over the social platforms such as twitter. The teaser uploaded on twitter account has shown how much Pro this smart phone will be.

Beside that, the tagline presents you ‘Rethink Possibilities’ where high end camera with high speed and high definition screen all in one within a single smartphone is ready to be handed over to users. Though we are not clear about the latest model of Huawei and what new updates has to been revealed and what operation system is to be added in it. Let’s wait for September 19 for more info before that you might to take a glimpse of the heavy promotional teaser.

Rumours are true, Google services and Apps are nowhere to be found in Mate 30 series

The US and China war has again made consequences regarding Huawei phones to have Google licenced system. Though it will have the functions of Android but the system will operate in open source platforms. First this news were circulated all over the bill broad where people were confused and was finding their own assumptions whether the new device has Google specific features or not.

Good for Chinese users

However, the new update has confirmed the users who will buy the smart phone have to install the Google App store and the other services beforehand. According to argumentative essay help online, it has been observe the other smart series launch after the ban has still successfully entered the Google android platforms, such as Honor 20 Pro etc.

Potential opportunities for new Huawei OS system

It has been seen after the extension date to exceed the new versions of the smart phones is not under certified control of Google. If the ban from USA has not been lifted the Huawei Company is eager to work on their operating and ecosystem that will not need any Google interference and have ownership of their own. Huawei is still very positive about all the issue revolving around the launch of Mate 30 Pro. Let’s see how worthy its features are, such as high powered camera and fastest charging speed.

Huawei Mate 30 Pro-25W Wireless Charging

Though all the rumours and issues of two countries relationship, Huawei has still managed to be one of the best smart phone in the mobile industry. There is another big rumour of Mate 30 Pro where its speed of charging has been calculated to be very high and is said to have fastest speediness. So, now no need to be frustrated with low charging possibilities and stress of charging for hours. This comprise of powerful version of best wireless charging speed in the market. Now, the recharging the mobile is not a hassle anymore.

Improve your Photography skills with 40MP and 8MP Telephoto Lens

If you think to improve the skills of picturing an image or video with full defined lens and high quality features then Huawei is the one for you. The teaser has shown the glimpse of how the camera is designed and displayed with four circular cameras surrounded in X shape.

In Mate 30 Pro, rumour to be more lenses based with 5 back and front altogether. If you need to picture yourself with low–light photography and better slow motion plus time- lapse shots. With the help of the camera features you can picture the informative essay uk and save samples for further guidance purpose.

What about other specification

Well, there is much more to be highlighted in the whole article however, the basic is 6GB RAM. These specification lists down shows how massive its return will be where it might leave behind many rivals after the launch. If you are worrying about storage capacity then don’t worry there is a way for all your files and images to be safe and secure.


The big bulk of storage capacity of 128GB, we are not truly sure but the statistics says the Mate 30 Pro will have fastest internet speed; the 5G model will blow your mind away.

Wrapping point….

Can’t wait for the new flagship versions to be launched soon, just few more days are left and the countdown is started. What more update is added into the specification or features God knows. However, we are there to update you with what will happen during the launch. So, wait for it….

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