Best Laundry Service In Bangalore

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Finding a reliable dry-cleaning service for your loving clothes can be quite challenging in south Bangalore, correct? Laundry and dry cleaning started off as an on-demand service since late 2000 and as of today, there are multiple trustworthy brands for laundry and dry-cleaning services. More than 40 stores in prominent areas cater to laundry and dry cleaning in Electronic City Bangalore– Phase 1 area.

If you love your clothes, I’d surely recommend dropping by their store to have a look at the various services they offer. Customized pick-drop services which help in delivering your garments back to you, fresh and clean, as fast as possible. Just pick up your phone and Call or Drop-in or schedule a pick up or drop through the use of App and meanwhile, you can relax with a cup of tea, relaxing in the garden.

This best dry-cleaning service in Bangalore is growing with attention and care for each garment resulting across millions of garments is speaking for themselves.

We are the only dry-cleaning service who would remove stains prior to cleaning your garment starting from everyday garments or designer collections. With an eye to detail, they always improve the work process through a unique 7-stage process accompanied by expert.


  1. Reception-We offer you customized administration at the counter and observe your bundling inclinations.
  2. Repairs and Alterations-Small holes, loose hems, minute alterations are considered only on request.
  3. Treatment-Each stain is individually treated at the spotting cabinet using an ultrasonic gun and specialized dry clean products.
  4. Hand Finishing-Each piece of clothing is steam pressed with the finest attention to detail.
  5. Quality Control-Each piece experiences a last check to give you perfectly finished clothing.
  6. Packing and Storage-Each piece is exclusively packed on holder or folded, considering individual preference.
  7. Alteration and Darning-Whether you need a button fixed or a spot of darning or a garment refitted perfectly, look no further beyond this destination


  • Hang your attire outside the wardrobe for at least two hours before placing it away.
  • Always cover the shoulders of your garments.
  • Try not to leave your clothing totally covered as that prevents the fundamental air circulation.
  • Allow us to clean stained pieces as quickly as possible. Stains, if left unattended, may damage the fabric.
  • Never rub stains. Rubbing silk, wool or linen may bring about permanent elimination of the dye. This will make the stained area more prominent after cleaning.
  • You should instead use white absorbent paper towels on and under the stain to absorb as much impurity as possible.

Please refrain from using white wine, soda, water or salt to remove the stain.Always,inform your dry cleaner the cause of the stain and if any attempt has been made to remove it.

Dry Clean is at its best when cleaning your designer and hate couture collections are in expert hands. The most preferred dry-cleaning stop for most fashion houses and European heritage ends here. Happy Dry Cleaning!

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