7 Best Ways To Protect Your Smartphone

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If you want to Protect Your Smartphone, then you have to follow some tips. Nowadays, the security of the mobile phone is very much important.

Most of the people are dependent on smartphones for every work. The mobile phone is storing lots of data such as calendar, family photos, and many more things.

Android smartphone is very much secure and protected. Remember one thing that doesn’t purchase the latest version of Apple iOS 11.

Your OnePlus, Galaxy and Pixel phone are almost close to attacks and hacks. If you want to protect your device, then don’t keep your data fall into the wrong hand.

Here are the best ways to keep your device Safe from hackers. These tips are very much simple but help you to protect your smartphone.

Android is under constant attack, and the old version is weaker than the new one. While many of the sellers of smartphone don’t issue Android’s monthly security patches of Google.

In below the paragraph, 7 best ways is mention that will help you to protect your smartphone. These tips are very much helpful for you if you are facing problem-related to security.

1. Use Protected Lock Screen

Using a secure lock screen will help you to protect your smartphone from various hackers. It is an essential thing of defence to protect your smartphone.

If you are not using a secure lock screen then now onwards you have to use it. If your phone has a scanner, then don’t forget to add your fingerprint.

2. Set Fingerprint Unlock

The fingerprint will help you to protect your smartphone from hackers. Password is also a powerful way to protect your smartphone, but it doesn’t knock your fingerprint.

Nowadays, technology has developed, and every mobile phone has a fingerprint scanner. From the past two years, every cell phone has an excellent and fast fingerprint sensor.

Many of the scanners are available below the mobile screen or some having on the back. You can easily find the sensor in your security settings, but you have to register your fingerprints.

It is taking very less time to authorize an essential layer of protection. Nowadays, many of the smartphones are also providing face unlocking. Most of the mobile phones are using the 2D front camera to scan the face.

3. Stay Updated

Google is launching monthly security updates for Android user. This security updates will help you to protect your smartphone from hackers.

You don’t want to check out whether updates are available or not because you will get the notification.

You have to change some setting that if an update comes, then it will install very fast. It is taking very less time to make all the difference.

4. Start Two-Factor Authentication In Your Google Account

A secure mobile phone starts with a secure Google account. Because in the Google account, all your synced data will be storing.

If you are using more Google services, then it is very much essential to start two-factor authentication. If you don’t begin two-factor (2FA) authentication yet, then you have many options.

There are various options for the second factor available that include adding a U2F key. You can find out the 2FA settings of google in My Account, and you have to sign in.

There are also step by step guide available to enable this feature. You can also run a security check with the help of your Google account settings. This setting will help you to modify and add phone numbers and email addresses, etc.

5. Download Apps From Google Play Store

It is very much important to download apps from the google play store or verified sources. Because many of the Android malware is coming from hazardous third party application sources.

Fake apps are available in the third-party sources, which will damage your smartphone internally. These fake apps are not available in the Google Play Store because it is very much advanced platform.

Google is also working to make the Play Store more safe and secure. For example, Google Play Protect will automatically scan all malware when you install the app.

It is your responsibility to check out whether this setting is on or not. You can quickly check out whether it is on or not by going to Settings then Security and Play Protect. If you want more security, then start full scanning.

6. Use Encryption

Encryption is playing very much important role to protect your smartphone. The individual who needs to snoop on your smartphone doesn’t need to be a thief.

Hence, it is very much essential to protect your smartphone with the help of encryption. Android smartphone is providing full-device encryption by default after the Android version 5 Lollipop.

You don’t need to set some locking method on your Android smartphones such as pin, password and pattern. The Android version 7 Nougat has changed to encryption depend on file, but the result remains the same.

With the help of 256-bit AES standard encryption, the data on your mobile phone is secure. Hence, if anyone knows your password, then they will not see anything.

If you need more information regarding encryption, then go to this site https://technewsenglish.com/how-to-uninstall-avast/ that will help you. This website is also helping you to provide information regarding how to uninstall avast.

7. Use Secure VPN

It is not essential that how many security you are adding in your mobile phone. Due to this, security will become weak whenever you visit the websites.

It is happening because the data which you are sending can snatch with little effort, especially when you are using a public hotspot and WiFi.

If you use a secure VPN, then your data should be automatically encrypted. Hence, your information should be a safeguard from everyone except the VPN provider.

Even if anyone tries to snatch your data, then it will be protected. There are many VPN available on the Google Play Store. But you have check out the user reviews and ranking before you install any one of them.

If you need free VPN, then you can easily download Turbo, Secure, and Thunder VPN. These are best for the user, who needs a free one. But if you want something more advanced and protected, then you can easily download the OpenVPN for Android.

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