5 Best Meal Planning Apps And Eat Healthy

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Meal planning is one of the best things you can do to make life better. It helps those trying to save money on their food budget, eat healthier more regularly, or even anyone who wants to free up time and energy spent on deciding and cooking food daily.

Most meal planner tools suggest either a weekly or monthly approach, based on your lifestyle. There are two ways to tackle meal planning. Either you can chart out a plan yourself by adding items, or you can let the app or expert pick the dishes for you. Of course, they all come with recipes.

1. Mealime (Web, Android, iOS): Best for Beginner Meal Planners

If you’re new to the idea of meal plans, start with Mealime. It does the heavy lifting for beginners who want an automatic meal plan handed to them on a plate, along with a ready made grocery list.

The setup process asks you food preferences, diet preferences, as well as planning preferences. You can specify portion size, and how many meals you want a plan for. All of this can be changed later in the settings, of course. Mealime will then generate a custom meal plan for you, along with a handy grocery list comprising all recipes.

The app takes ingredient lists from the recipes, but isn’t smart at combining them unless it’s labelled exactly the same. So you’ll have to use your own better judgement while shopping for groceries.

The best part? You can click a button at any point to generate a new meal plan, which varies the foods from what you currently have. If you don’t like a plan, just change it up till you find something you like. If you enjoy what you’re cooking and eating, you will probably stick with the process.

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