8 Awesome Ways to Build a Strong Online Presence

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In this era of the internet revolution, it is not just a luxury anymore, but a compulsion to make your business known to the online world.

Even when a well-established business as Optimum launches a new offer of Optimum deals for new customers in the market, it starts online. It is the same with every successful business.

With the whole world at it, the competition is tough. So, what to do to make your online presence different and impactful? Read these amazing tips to find out!

Sharing and Hashtags

What do you? Will pasting a Facebook Share icon on your front door make people share your business online? No way! Unless they see personal advantage in doing so. Give them that or any reason to look for your business online. You could arrange a contest where you ask people to share their selfies with your products and a hashtag. Make it interesting enough so that all age groups would want to participate.

Limited-Time Offers and Deals

Have you ever read about a limited-time offer or deal, and felt the urge to avail it as soon as possible? We all do. Loyal customers wait for their favorite brands to announce sales and deals. Featuring limited-time offers and deals on your business page could attract people and help increase your sales.

Reading “50% Off” makes us all happy, doesn’t it?

Build a P.R

You can work on building a powerful online presence by taking the help of people around you. For example, let’s say you run a local flower shop. You can offer people a certain percentage of discounts if they shared your business online, or tag their friends (could be 5) on your latest posts. Advertise it a lot so that more and more people find out about these offers and also share further.

Work on Your Website

Your business website is your canvas. Make sure to work on every inch of it in such a detailed way that it looks like a piece of art. Your website should be informative enough to answer all sorts of queries from your customers.

Remember: it should communicate to them in the first five seconds of them landing on it. Make them realize it is the solution to their problem. Don’t write long explanatory paragraphs as nobody reads them anyway. Be direct so that your customers could relate to your business. Every business with a strong online presence is customer-based.

 Get Most Out of Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are the most powerful tools you can use to make your online presence strong. Do your research, and choose the one that benefits your business the most. Instead of trying to make an account on every platform, choose one and work on it. Use it to talk about the needs of your customers.

You can also go for online paid advertising. And if people reach out to you, respond timely.

Use Email to your Advantage

No, email isn’t dead yet. It is one of the best online platforms to reach your customers. One email per week is enough. Use it strategically to target audiences that can benefit from your business the most. Use images to express your idea in a better way.

Also, your email should contain at least one call to action. Not necessarily to make a purchase, but to obtain more information about a product, or to view an image of it.

Make it legal. Ask for permission before adding them to your business contacts, or add an ‘unsubscribe’ link to give them a choice.

Get a Business Partnership

Give your business marketing a boost by partnering with a similar business. You can build a great consumer base and that too without having to pay high advertising prices. Just keep in mind that both businesses should benefit equally. It is going to create an issue if one is getting more out of a partnership than the other.

Stay Updated

You might have come across a business website that hasn’t refreshed its content for years. It is a major deal-breaker for customers. They will move on to any other website or business that is offering the latest content. If you do not have enough time to focus on building your online presence, hire a professional.

Make a solid plan to keep things updated. Schedule your online postings. Add small sections that answer common queries. For instance, an ISP site’s content would answer “how fast is 100 Mbps internet?”. This adds value to your content and makes your website a go-to place for customers.

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