Best Smart Home Devices in 2019

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You are living in an age dominated by Big Data and the Internet of Things, and this means you need to invest in gadgets and devices that can be connected to one another across the Internet. No surprises then why hundreds of customers every day are investing in smart home devices like Google Assistant-powered speakers and Amazon Alexa.

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  • Google Nest Mini & Amazon Echo Dot: The entry-level Amazon Echo Dot was superior to the Google Mini Home Speaker, and the new improved version is called Google Nest Mini that is almost at par with Amazon’s voice assistant. Incidentally, Google Assistant is known to engage in better conversation flow. The Echo Dot has a hardware advantage in that it comes with an audio-out jack absent in Google versions.
  • Nest Hello Video Doorbell: This will connect your home Wi-Fi network and enable you to see who has come to your house in real time. This device captures and stores 3 hours worth of video clips, free of cost. Moreover, it has an owner-controlled facial-recognition capability; so, you can create your own facial recognition database to make matches. You can tag the most common visitors so that this app recognizes them instantly and alerts you accordingly.
  • Google Nest Hub: This is known to be the finest smart display and is comparable to Amazon’s Echo Show. The design is superior and the way it uses the voice assistant is also exemplary. The Nest Hub has the same features of Google Assistant and shows spoken commands to ensure that Google has heard you accurately. The device can guide you through cooking recipes and works in sync with video doorbells and Google-supported smart cameras.
  • TP-Link Kasa Smart Plug Mini: This is by far the most recommended smart plug for connecting home devices. These are cheap and easy to install; they perform easy-to-grasp functions and you can toggle on-and-off even remotely. It has one outlet which can connect to the home network using Wi-Fi. The app is very well-designed and you may program the plug to switch on and off according to a set routine or depending on your location.
  • Philips Hue White LED: This is by far the best-known smart light bulbs and they include flood lights, fixtures, light strips etc. The Hue Line is most popular for its color-changing bulbs; if you already have a Google Assistant device or Alexa at home, you do not need an additional hub.
  • Ecobee Smart Thermostat: This device is a Wi-Fi based thermostat that will enable you to control the temperature in your home using the device or an app. It also includes a remote temperature sensor and the device can itself read the ambient temperature in any room, and adjust accordingly. The device doubles up as Amazon Echo speaker.
  • Arlo Pro 2: This smart device is an excellent home-security camera. The device is costly and every additional camera that you attach to the dual indoor and outdoor cameras will cost you a heavy price. You will get free storage for a period of seven days; and this is an advantage over the other models which charge you additional price for it. It comes in a weather-proof design so that cameras can work well outdoors too. They can be powered through cables and have rechargeable batteries.


  1. SimpliSafe: This is by far the most recommended home-security system. This kit offers a keypad, base station, motion sensors and open-close sensors. You are free to customize the set-up from a wide range of sensors. Unlike other home-security kits, SimpliSafe does not need contracts to lock its buyers into a service plan.

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