Best WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugins of 2020

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Are you want to start your own WooCommerce store – Managing Inventory is important because managing it can be a sales improving factor. Apart from this, you can also have a lot of benefits like accurate planning, warehouse organization, inventory balance, employee efficiency, etc.

But it is a bit difficult when it comes to managing it manually. But the task is not difficult with the use of plugins or tools. There are a lot of WooCommerce inventory management plugins in the market choosing the best one is it difficult for you.


Therefore we have discussed some of the best 2020’s WooCommerce inventory management plugins. Keep reading the guide



TradeGecko is also a well known multichannel stock administration and order management plugin. It has reconciliation with WooCommerce and numerous different stages. It’s progressively arranged towards physical items.

Consistently, TradeGecko adjusts stock automatically, stock updates, and purchase orders for your store. This inventory management software syncs your sales with many aspects of your store such as invoices, delivery, and stock levels. 

The plugin comes with mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch that lets you manage your products and orders from anywhere and is free for all TradeGecko users.

It helps you sell on multiple channels at the same time without any problem. You can even integrate more than one WooCommerce store into a coordinated inventory system.

Woocommerce Rapid Stock Manager


WooCommerce Rapid Stock Manager allows you to quickly update the size of your stock inventory and variants, displaying everything within one screen.

With the help of this stock management, you can filter products by type, category, stock management or stock status.

In addition, it helps you to update the stock on your online store while adjusting with current stock levels. Due to this, customers do not face any problem when they buy a product, also when you update the product. Further, you can export the stock report to an Excel file.



Zoho is also the best WooCommerce inventory management software. You can synchronize all your WooCommerce commands with this plugin. This plugin has also partnered with the best shipping carriers worldwide.



OrderHive is another management inventory system that provides you with multichannel vendors to terminate solutions without having to juggle between different systems. It only allows vendors to manage multiple channels from a single integrated back end system.

It provides a warehouse management facility through which you can manage multiple warehouses with flexible stock policies, stock transfer and easy integration of your accounting software. You can find out the order you placed by your order number and also get real-time order status updates.



WooPOS is a WooCommerce inventory management plugins. It is considered one of the most powerful ads available on the WooCommerce store. This allows you to collect information for inventory management in an efficient and streamlined manner.

Its purchase order management is amazing that gives you great convenience of stock adjustment. with detailed accuracy and customization, it allows you to manage your inventory from multiple stores. With powerful tracking features, you can track all your stocks and inventories in one centralized location.

With the help of custom barcode label generators, product identification, logistics, procurement, etc. are now very easy. We can say that, to manage stock and inventory efficiently, WooPOS has all the necessary requirements.

WooCommerce Stock Manager


This is also the best WooCommerce Stock Management tool. It is a unique and free plugin. In addition, with this, you can manage stocks for products and their variables on one screen without having to go to each product screen. Plus, it gives you the power to manage products, customers, and orders efficiently. 

Thus, using this tool you can manage stocks, backorders, stock positions, selling prices, regular prices, weights and more for each product and variation. Further, this plugin also filters every product by product ID, name, and default sorting.

Stock synchronization for WooCommerce


Stock synchronization for WooCommerce is also a good inventory plugin that allows you to manage your store’s inventory with external inventory files. It automatically updates your stock volume from an external file.

In addition, you can also synchronize your stock with an external CSV file. For example, suppose any of your suppliers send you a CSV inventory file so that you can easily update them with the help of this plugin. It also supports Dropbox and Goggles drives for backup. In simple words, it saves your stock information on Google Drive and Dropbox.



Veeqo has all the things a salesperson needs for a successful business. In addition, Veeqo allows businesses to become more efficient with the ability to manage everything from one platform. It is an advanced inventory management tool that keeps the inventory fully synced across multiple warehouses.

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