Serving in the military is one of the most selfless things you can do for the country, and our military men and women deserve the utmost respect and appreciation. One way to honor those who have served is through exclusive discounts and freebies at select events and places. 

But with so many military offers available, it’s challenging to find the deals that are actually worth it. To save you time and show our appreciation, here are some free stuff for military families you don’t want to miss!

1. Amusement Park Admission 

If you’re looking for free stuff for military kids, many amusement parks offer free or discounted admission. If you’re active duty and looking for entirely free tickets, check out Busch Gardens and Sea World any time of the year. 

If eligible, you will receive one free admission ticket as well as discounts on any future tickets for that same year. 

Because amusement parks can be so expensive for families, this military discount is an attractive deal. Depending on the park, it could save you over one hundred dollars!

2. Museum Admission 

If you’re a history buff, you’ll want to check this one out. For all active-duty members and their families, you can get free admission to over 2,000 different museums across the country. This includes the National Guard and Reserve.

The discounts are given through the Blue Star Museums program. The best way to discover your eligibility and learn about participating museums is to visit their website and click on your state. 

If you’re looking to visit soon, keep in mind that most discounts are honored from Memorial Day to Labor Day, so plan accordingly. 

3. Wedding Dresses for Military Brides 

If you’re a military bride planning a wedding, you may be eligible for a free wedding dress through the Brides Across America program. This non-profit provides wedding gifts and gowns to military members and first responders. 

Since they began, Brides Across America has provided over 24,000 wedding dresses and 22 free weddings. 

The free dress event takes place annually every July. To be eligible, the bride or her fiancé must have been deployed within the last five years. You may also qualify if you or your fiancé are about to be deployed. 

4. Online Tutoring 

Tutoring is often quite expensive, but it makes a huge difference in educational achievement. Through funding provided by the U.S. Department of Defense and Coast Guard Mutual Assistance, offers free tutoring for students of those in the military. 

Importantly, you can get a professional tutor 24/7 for help with homework or studying material. The tutoring lessons are offered for children ages K-12. 

5. Sport Tickets 

One of the best military freebies available is free or discounted sports tickets. Depending on where you live, you may be eligible for free tickets for your neighborhood team. 

Made possible through the Veterans Ticket Foundation, organizations can donate tickets to sporting events or even concerts. Active duty members and families can claim these tickets to attend for free. 

Some sports teams, like the Tampa Bay Rays, offer active-duty members free tickets to home games on select nights. The St. Louis Cardinals also offer both active-duty and retired military members free tickets to games just by showing a valid ID. 

6. Fico Scores 

Though not as exciting, active-duty members can get a free FICO credit score. Offered through SaveandInvest, you can get free access to your credit score.

This is a great perk that allows military members to manage their finances and keep track of their credit. 

If interested, you should contact a Military Financial Educator in your area.

7. Welcome Home Banners 

If you have a family member coming home from deployment, there is no better way to welcome them back than with a beautiful banner. 

BuildASign offers free welcome home banners to any interested military friends or family. It’s a great way to make military members feel loved and supported when they arrive home from deployment. 

Even better, there are 15 different designs to choose from and several opportunities for customization. 

If you want to make your military family or friend feel even more welcomed, consider gifting them with a military challenge coin, too! You can customize the coins by following these design tips.

8. Cars 

Need to invest in a new car? Cars4heroes donates free vehicles to veterans and active-duty members. Their mission is to provide free, basic, and reliable transportation for veterans.

If you go on their website, you can see if you or your loved one qualifies. Then, you simply fill out an application to request a free car.

If you’re interested in other organizations for free cars, check out 800-Charity Cars or online car donation. 800-Charity Cars works with a diverse group of people, including veteran and active-duty members, to provide them with free and affordable transportation. 

9. Travel Freebies 

Travel freebies are another great military benefit that can save you and your family lots of money. 

Alaska Airlines will waive the baggage fee for active military members for the first five bags. This offer also applies to military children. 

Hawaiian Airlines will let you check up to four bags for free if you’re a veteran or active-duty member. Spirit Airlines will let you check two bags for free and also offers one free-carry on for active military members. 

However, the airline offering military members the most freebies is Allegiant Air. They let you check up to three bags for free, no fees for oversized luggage, and offer one free carry-on bag. Allegiant will also print your boarding pass for free at the airport. 

Active-duty members can also board for free with priority boarding. Depending on availability, you may also be able to pick your seat for no charge.  

Now You Know Some of the Cool and Free Stuff for Military Families 

Whether it’s you or your spouse in the military, you should be able to qualify for the majority of these benefits. Military personnel means a lot to our country, and it’s only right that you’re treated as such. 

So next time you go to a museum or park, make sure you visit the website to see if they offer any free stuff for military families. It’s free money to show appreciation, so you shouldn’t hesitate to take advantage and enjoy it! 

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