How Android Monitoring Software Protect Teens from Cyberbullying?

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Cyberbullying refers to bullying someone through electronic media like through smartphones. Elements like a threat or harassment clear the meaning of cyberbullying and usually seen in teens. It shows repeated behaviour by a bully person, which may lower the self-esteem of the victim and result in depression, frustration, or scariness. 

The law has a punishment for cyberbullying, but if parents keep track of their children’s movements ahead of time so teens may not face hassle. As 70% of people use Android devices so cyberbullying is also spreading through smartphones. Many Android spy apps are helping parents so they can truly monitor their children’s activities in real-time or can protect their teens from any bullying case. 

Common types of Cyberbullying

Bullying is of a different kind, but which is more visible nowadays, here we discussed some of them.


  • Cyber harassment


In today, Harassment is most commonly hurtful pattern seen in cyber-crimes. In this, a person continuously threatens someone through messages or calls of doing something harm with him/her.


  • Doxing or Outing


This term is related to those who leak or reveal someone’s personal and sensitive information public without the consent of the targeted person. It affects directly on the mental health of the victim. 


  • Frape


In this kind of bullying, the bully person uses your teen social account posts with the same account name. It can also affect the reputation of the targeted person.

Effects of Cyberbullying on Teens 

When such conditions arise. So, the kid is afraid to tell anyone so that the problem becomes not too much. So, here are some effects which show in teens after facing bullying. 

  • Cyberbullying makes the child mentally prone to stress. 
  • It lowers the self-esteem of teens. 
  • Children refuse to read, go to school and take part in other activities. 
  • Don’t take part in social activities or avoid meeting friends. 
  • Their personality shows anxiety, tension, panic and anger. 
  • Children either start too much eating, which makes them fat or give up food that leads to weakness. 

Monitoring Software Protecting Teens from Cyberbullying

Here we are discussing some common and popular monitoring software’s which gives true parental control over kid’s routine activities or to protect them from bullying.

Some popular, reliable and trustworthy Android monitoring software are:

  • TheOneSpy
  • mSpy
  • Spyzie
  • FlexiSPY

They all work in almost the same way, but the only difference is some of their advanced features. Here we talk about TheOneSpy that how it helps parents to protect their teens from being the victim of cyberbullying.


High-technology monitoring software enables the user to protect their loved ones before danger by providing timely information with high efficiency and accuracy. Parents can know their kid’s weaknesses and if they feel they need help so parents can provide them without telling them anything. Or the history will also be useful as proof in case the matter reaches court. 

Core Features of TheOneSpy and their help for parents to protect teens from cyberbullying 

TheOneSpy smoothly works with all Android versions and easy to install. There are some powerful and advanced monitoring features of TheOneSpy, which truly help parents to protect their kids. 


  • Social media monitoring


 Parents can monitor their teen’s social accounts if someone is bullying them, so they can block them or can act timely. 


  • Call logs and SMS tracker


It enables the parents to track the contacts and chats to check if their kids are in danger so they can protect them. 



  • Live 360 surrounding recorder


It empowers the parents to listen to surrounding voices to whom their kids are talking and which kind of language they are using or reacting. 


  • Live 360 camera 


It enables them to watch 360 surrounding views of their teens that with whom they are meeting or if their friends bully those parents can note it and can protect their kids timely. 


  • Screen Recorder 


Parents can record screen activities on demand. So, they will analyze their kid’s activities or intentions. 


  • Multimedia Tracker 


Parents can view if someone threatens or harassing them by sending inappropriate pictures, videos or audio messages.


Eventually, we concluded that as the ratio of cyberbullying is increasing over time because of the vast usage of digital media, everyone needs to take a step by own to protect their loved ones. Parents are getting help in this way to protect their teens from any loss with advance features of Android spy apps.

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