How to Speed Up Your Internet With 7 Windows Tweaks

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Suffering from a slow internet connection? It’s an extremely frustrating problem, leading everyone to wonder how to speed up their internet performance at some point.

We’re here to help. Let’s look at some general Windows tips to improve your internet connection and get you browsing in style again.

First: Test Your Connection Speed

To start, head to test to measure your connection speed and quality. Simply click the Go button and give the app a minute to run.

You’ll see three stats related to your internet connection:

  • Ping, also called latency, is the number of milliseconds it takes for you to receive a response after sending a request to a server. The lower this number, the better your connection to that server. This is especially important in online video games, as a high ping results in lag.
  • Download speed, measured in megabits per second (Mbps), is how fast your computer can grab data from remote servers. The higher your download speed, the quicker you’ll be able to download files, stream video, and similar.
  • Upload speed, also measured in Mbps, is how fast your computer can send data to other devices on the internet. The faster this speed, the quicker you can perform tasks like uploading files to a website. This number is usually less than download speed since most online activity revolves around downloads.

Taking these together, we often use the term bandwidth to describe the amount of information you can transfer over the internet in a set amount of time.

Think of bandwidth like a water pipe leading into your house. If one person wants to take a shower, they’ll have a pleasant experience. But with six people using the water at the same time in different places, the pressure drops for everyone.

Network bandwidth works in the same way. One device downloading large files is no problem. But when you have six devices on your network all trying to stream HD video, play online games, and similar at once, they can only each use a portion of the total bandwidth.

Now, let’s review some tweaks you can make to improve your internet speed.

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