Simple Steps to Sales Management Success

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As a busy sales manager, it is important to understand what your salespersons think about sales prospecting sales management. If you think how much time your sales team has given, then she does not kill herself about prospecting – and imagine that the amount of time she actually spent in prospecting is … okay, you’re my drift Hold on, is not it?

When it comes down to it, sales prospecting takes a lot of planning – some busy salespeople and sales managers often fear.

At the personal level, I have found that by not giving time for the prospect of new business, my pipeline is dry and I found myself operating in “low” mode. Over time, working in continuity mode becomes a vicious cycle, which starts to become desperate later. Once you are desperate, the possibilities get worse … or worse, deals are lost.

Thankfully, it is not difficult to fold!

3 steps for sales prospect:

Here are three steps for sales prospecting which I have been using and tested by top producers in the field:

Create a Prospecting Action Plan

“They are planning to fail,” he says.

Start posting in your Sales Management by asking each member of your sales team to create a prospecting action plan on a weekly basis.

Time Management

To maximize time, use a Time Management!

I like to color my calendar. For example, sales prospecting comes under green time. This means that I make a fixed amount of time green and color code green.

How much time should you give for prospecting activities? Somewhere 20-30% works.

Find good sources for the prospect

There are many wells to dive in the prospecting. Here are some good sources for generation lead which will turn into opportunities.

Target list

Choosing companies, people and demographics is very important, so I spend time answering these basic questions:

What size company do I want to join?

What type of people/title?


LinkedIn use in Sales

Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator, I enter the name of each company from my targeted list and then filter the people I want to contact.

Sales Navigator tells me who is connected to the person in my network that I want to reach and then, from a series of templates stored in Sales Management Software, I send an email requesting an introduction.

I track the progress of all this activity in the CRM Software: Archiz CRM

Sales CRM Software

Talking about Sales CRM Software, this is a great source of leads.

From time to time, I run a report called “Lost Opportunity” to show past prospects. Circumstances are constantly changing in salespeople change companies and positions – and our offerings also change and grow. Perhaps we lost this original opportunity to a competitor and the contestant did not deliver. Never been late again!


As much as I hate to accept it, emails are lost in the shuffle.

By going back to Outlook and sorting my inbox by “sender”, I can quickly find the possibilities that I did not get back or to identify people I just forgot to contact.

Personal network

It is important to take the time to develop long-term personal relationships with people in the network.

I am a member of several groups who meet monthly. Staying in touch at the professional or personal level keeps me at the top. The key here is to make it a two-way by giving maximum referrals to this passage.

Speaking engagement

As a Sales Trainer and Sales Growth Facilitator, it is important for me to continually improve my subject matter expertise. My goal is to always add value and learn – whether it is the main speaker, the facility for the workshop, or the panelist.

It is a great way to hear from large groups of people at a time that is important in the industry.

Apart from this, listening to other speakers in a single conference or event is a great way to maximize my time and understand what is relevant to my current and future customers.

Sales prospecting: keep moving

In the end, I like other people, including people of my office and people of my trusted advisory board, make me answerable to prospecting. It is very useful that I respect anyone who reminds me often or even sitting with me guides me through the prospecting process. Sometimes I do nothing more than following the process developed for me.

For many of you, this is very clear – but I believe it is important to continue the practice of fundamentals. In this way, you and your salesmen will keep up the pace and feed a healthy sales pipeline.

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