You Won’t Regret It: 5 Reasons You Should Visit Melbourne

Regularly hailed as the world’s most ‘liveable city’, Melbourne is an unmissable stop on anybody’s Aussie adventure. The city is simply bursting at the seams with sights, attractions, and cultural points of interest. It’s no wonder that around 27 million people visit every year! Are you looking for reasons to plan your own Melbourne trip this year? Keep reading for 5 key reasons to visit Melbourne whenever you can. 1. Cool, Hip, Effervescent Culture Melbourne has a young, trendy, sexy, and artsy culture with an edginess that you’ll struggle to find elsewhere. Even better, it carries it off without the air of pretentiousness that other places can emanate. Big, diverse, and multi-cultural, the city boasts an array of influences from all over the whole world. Each area of the ...

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