What Is A Big Shift In Digital Marketing- You Should Know

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The internet is responsible for a lot of revamp in various industries. It is causing serious upheavals in many areas of life. One of such areas is that of commerce. The terms woocommerce custom plugins or woocommerce product bundles are not new. This is because people can now do business electronically. Gone are the days you need to meet with someone face to face to transact with them. These day, you can do business with someone very far away and somewhere you may never meet physically. It’s all thanks to the internet which is an aspect of technician.

While there is no denying that you can offer your products and services to people over the internet and receive payments without physically meeting them, we have to appreciate an underlying factor responsible for this. The factor is that you can publicize what you do over the internet. If you cannot publicize your products or services, you will not be able to sell them. In other words, digital marketing is the factor behind the success of ecommerce. Like everything else, digital marketing is also subject to changes. This changes are as a result of change in trends or demands of the stakeholders involved in digital marketing. During the course of this article, we shall consider those changes affecting digital marketing. In case you are wondering what the big shift is in digital marketing, here are the things you should know.

Email marketing is no longer business as usual

It is no doubt that email marketing can be very annoying especially to the recipients of such mails. Recently, I took time out to visit most website sending me multiple mails to deactivate such alerts. I still left out a few and for good reasons. While most where just filling up my mails with newsletters, there are some that raised the bar. Their mails were polished and personalized. It was not just a case of piling words and flooding my mail box with them. You should be arrested if your nails start with “Hello or Dear User”. Personalize the contents of your mails and your email marketing campaigns will flourish.

Visual is the new content

It is no doubt that visual content is more appealing that written content. With the way people are quick to bypass anything they consider boring, you should reconsider your approach to content marketing. Use more of pictures and videos. Take a cue from video bloggers. You should start thinking beyond the use of words for your marketing campaign. Content marketing is not dead; it is reborn in visualized contents.

Automation is covering more areas

Automation is going beyond the use of chatbots. It is gradually spreading and covering more areas. With the right tools, you can even automate your digital marketing campaigns. This gives you the ability to multitask by outsourcing certain duties to technology.

No more room for luck

In the world of digital marketing, there are no more rooms for trial and error. It is all down the use of accurate information and proper planning. If you want a machine to work for/with you, you will need to have accurate information as machines do not work with luck. You will need to gather, analyze and interpret adequate information before making a decision. Anything short of this and you may be running a campaign that is dead from the start.

Alternative social media and micro influencer are gaining grounds

If you cannot afford the cost of pushing your business on major platforms, there are still alternatives. These alternatives include other social media platforms asides, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can still use Reddit or Snap-chat. Even on major platforms, you can still work with micro influences to publicize your business for an affordable fee. This approach will cost you far less than using major influences to push your business. They are also cheaper than paid ads on major platforms like the ones I mentioned above.

More attention to communication

You will be hurting your business if you do not pay attention to feedback from your customers. It may not necessarily be your customers alone. You should pay more attention to feedback and direct communication. You can conduct sentiment analysis and get information about how your individuals feel about your products or services. It also comes handy when launching a new product or service. You should not underestimate the power of direct messages. You should try sending direct messages to individuals who give feedback.

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